Customer Service

At Ariel Technologies we look to interact with our customers as part of an ongoing basis to ensure that we are proactive to change and new opportunities. In addition to the statutory requirements for providing a total solution incorporating web based & desktop based functionality, we pro-actively look for customer feedback and suggestions for ongoing development. We can then bring together all these ideas, together with many of our own, to provide additional, generic functionality and capabilities where all can benefit.

It's not just a simple matter of selling a system and dealing with any problems that may arise. We want our customers to benefit from our systems in the long term and to establish partnering relationships that ensure the best possible levels of support and consistency for your staff.

  • We are there to answer your calls and deal with your queries
  • Our pricing structure is straightforward, supporting you as you grow
  • We empower you to control who see's what and manage your data

Put simply we care about our business and recognize our customers are at the very heart of achieving our success.

At Ariel Technologies we just like to keep things simple for us and for you.

Domain hosting & SSL

Ariel technologies support domain purchase from domain register. The domain end with .com .org .net .in or desired your domain.

Single domain SSL , Multiple domain SSL & Multiple subdomain SSL

Staff Training

One of the essential elements to a successful solution is the quality of training that is given to staff. A key factor to influence this is the preparation and planning that is carried out. At Ariel Technologies we believe in involving our customers at all stages of a system deployment, ensuring that training is scheduled to meet their needs and maximize time and effort. Quality training is essential and we work to ensure that your staff attends short sessions to familiarize themselves with the key system areas, while allowing time in the day to absorb what has been learned and to carry out their daily responsibilities.

Onsite Training

We usually look to carry out training at your site, with your systems. Normally we look to try and schedule training blocks so staff can dedicate themselves to the training and be covered by colleagues. The training itself can be tailored for each customer and each user, so we focus on the necessary elements and evolve the overall understanding in time and in line with user abilities.